Dental insurance in Portugal

It is said that a smile opens many doors, so you should take care of it and get the best dental insurance possible in Portugal. Find the one that suits you best. In addition to being unpleasant, the dentist is an often unexpected expense that must be made up in the family’s budget.

But not taking care of your teeth can have many much more serious consequences and that is why you will find here some information about the cost, operation and choice of dental insurance in Portugal.

Portuguese dental insurance or health insurance with dental coverage ?

Most traditional health insurance does not cover basic dental care and when it does, it covers very few treatments for a fairly high additional cost.

According to the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection, taking out dental insurance separately from health insurance is the option that offers the best value for money since you will have access to a wider range of treatments for a lower price. The various advantages of an independent Portuguese dental insurance are as follows:

  • Age is not an obstacle
  • No capital limit is required
  • No questionnaire or physical examination is required
  • You can renew your dental coverage for as long as you wish
  • There is no waiting period

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The price of dental insurance varies depending on the insurer, the coverage, the number of people covered by the policy and the payment option. However, you can base yourself on a price range between 80 and 200 € per year, which means that you can access the best dental care from about 10 € per month.

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Dental insurance in Portugal: coverage and operation

If there is no room in the family budget for more fixed costs, there are three aspects to consider before making the decision. It is advisable to take out dental insurance if you have children, as they often need to go to the dentist. If you are unsure if you need dental insurance, ask the following questions:

  • Do you go to the dentist more than four times a year ?
  • Do you need high-cost treatment ?
  • Do you need treatments that involve more frequent visits ?

Until 2011, 30% of health insurance premiums could be deducted up to 85 euros per single person and 170 euros for married couples. An additional amount of 43 euros per dependent has been added to this figure.

Since 2012, the tax benefits associated with the purchase of health insurance have been significantly reduced. Dental insurance in Portugal takes the form of a discount card that beneficiaries present at the time of payment.

You will have to pay the share of the medical procedure, according to the table of discounts agreed annually between the insurance companies and the dentists or clinics in their network. Co-payment varies according to the insurer.

Here are some recommendations to follow before purchasing dental insurance:

  • See the list of the insurer’s network. It is generally available on the website of the insurer who sends the price list for the current year.
  • Before going for a consultation, you should ask the mediator which clinics have an agreement with the company you have chosen. When making an appointment, identify yourself as the insurer’s client.
  • On the day of the appointment, you must present your dental insurance card. You will be charged the amount of the co-payment for the treatment you received.

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Choosing a dental insurance in Portugal

Have a dentist examine you

Go to a dentist you trust and have yourself examined to understand and budget for the treatments you will have to do in the near future. This is an important step that will allow you to know your needs, forward them to the dental insurer and ensure that you will not have any coverage problems regardless of the problem that arises.

With this information, it will be much easier for you to choose the best dental plan for your needs.

Dental insurance cost in Portugal

Start by looking at the cost of insurance and choose several policies that are within your budget. Depending on the insurer, you can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Choose one that offers payment options that meet your expectations.

Types of Dental Insurance Coverage

Types of coverage deIf you already have an idea of the coverage you want for your teeth, think about the different dental treatments that await you in the near future and see if the coverage offered by the insurer covers them all.

Some policies only cover services such as cleaning, restoration and repair, while others may include oral surgery, dental implants and prostheses. The price of Portuguese dental insurance will of course be higher in this case, but if you are sure you will need it in the future, it may be worth considering.

Discounts and refunds

The policies of the various dental insurers in Portugal differ according to the discount offered and the percentage of expenses reimbursed.

Take a general look at the amounts and if you already have an idea, pay particular attention to the type of treatment you will need to do in the future.

Insurance Dentists Network

Each dental insurance policy in Portugal provides you with a network of dentists and clinics that have concluded an agreement with the insurer, which you can use and pay less for.

Although in most cases you can use professionals who are not part of the network of dentists and clinics, the reimbursements offered by the Portuguese insurer will be lower.

If you live in an urban area like Lisbon, you will not have to travel very far to find a network partner included in your political network. However, in order to take full advantage of your investment, we recommend that you carefully consider this issue before purchasing insurance.

Insure the teeth of other family members

If you have children, there are dental insurance companies in Portugal that allow you to connect them to the policy without any financial compensation. If you have other family members you can include in your dental coverage, the amount per person could decrease significantly.